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Formula One 1967

Going way way back, before Formula One was a huge rolling advertisement, and when some would say drivers were real drivers, and when the Nurburgring was a feared 13 mile plus track, with 70 plus corners and elevation changes of over 1000 feet, a far cry from todays sanitized tracks.

Check out this great film of the 1967 German Grand Prix, won the late Denny “The Bear” Hulme, who then went on to win the 1967 World Championship, New Zealands first and only Formula One World Champion.

Here is another great film form the 1967 season. No commentary, but some amazing footagefrom a number of the races in 1967.

Yet another clip from 1967, this time from the 25th Annual Monaco Grand Prix. This one again was won by Denny Hulme, and also featufred the fatal crash of Ferrari driver Lorenzo Bandini.

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