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Will Jenson Button make Formula One

Some great footage of a very young Jenson Button in the cadet Karting ranks years ago. The question is asked “will he ever make Formula One”, well, the answer is YES.

Luckily the questions was not “will Jenson Button be a F1 World Champion” …

F1 BMW vs BMW M5

Another F1 speed comparison by the English Motoring Program between a BMW Williams F1 car and a 200mph BMW M5. This is a little different form many of the other F1 speed comparisons as this time the presenters from the program are driving the cars, so it gives a unique perspective on the actual speed of the F1 car.

McLaren F1 vs Porsche vs Peugeot

This time we have found an older F1 Speed Comparison featuring Mike Hakkinen against a Porsche and a Peugeot road car. As usual it is no contest as the F1 catches both cars before the end of the lap, but it is well timed.

Renault F1 Music

Here is something different, a car playing a song.

Renault Formula One Engineers were having some fun programming a F1 V10 to play music.

First up is the British Anthem, God Save The Queen.

The second tune is “We are the Champions”

F1 vs Moto Gp

Here is an unusual comparison between a Formula One car and a Moto Gp Grand Prix Motorcycle. Although not in English, it is easy to work out the various comparisons offered. Pretty amazing!