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F1 Steering Wheel Functions by Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle gives an indepth explanation of how modern day Formula One drivers use all the functions of their current steering wheels leading up to and during the start launch in todays Formula One cars.

He talks us through the practice starts throughout the weekend, then talks us through each step as the driver approaches the grid on the formation laps, and stresses how important the clutch control is in a F1 start.

Sebastian Vettel Meets Top Gear

Sebastian Vettel visited the British motoring Show Top Gear for an interview and to try his hand at setting  a fast lap time in Top Gears F1 Star in a Road Car segment, going up against times set by a number of F1 stars, of which at that point Rubens Barrichello held the lap record.

The first video is BBC F1 Presenter Jack Humphrey visiting the set of Top Gear, where he is joined backstage by Vettel.

The second video is Sebastians interview with Jeremy Clarkson

The third video is Sebastians lap of the Top Gear test track