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Coulthard Schumacher and Vettel Canada GP Interview

A lighthearted piece by commentator David Coulthard taking a golf cart lap of Canada with Michael Schumacher and meeting with with Sebastian Vettel out on the circuit.

It’s the Thursday before the race so everyone is quite relaxed during their track walking time where drivers and engineers take time out to walk (cycle, golf cart) around the track and inspect the track and each corner to refresh their memories about the track surface, and to see if anything like the curbing height or placement, or patches in the surface has changed from previous years.


Neil Oatley Remembers the McLaren MP4-4

The McLaren MP4/4 was a very special Formula One Car. It was used by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in their 1988 season, and was by far the dominant car. It won 15 of the 16 races in that year, only missing out on the clean sweep due to a crash at Monza. Neil Oatley looks back on the car and tells a few of the stories associated with the 1988 season.

2011 Mercedes GP F1 Steering Wheel

Another great look at the steering wheel from Nico Rosberg’s 2011 Mercedes Formula One Car. Longtime F1 Engineer Jock Clear features in this video, explaining many of the functions that make up the modern F1 steering wheel.

Everything down to the grips on each side of the wheel are highly customized for each driver, and the aim is to make sure their hands do not ever have to leave the wheel, so they can concentrate on driving while making the multitude of changes that must be made via the steering wheel each lap.