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About Racing Views

Racing Views is a personal opinion Motor Racing Site authored by Chris Radisich.

Chris is a long time motorsport follower and comes from a motorsport family in New Zealand. Chris’ father, Frank Radisich started the family racing dynasty many years ago, racing all sorts of cars over the years from Minis to Formula 5000 in it’s heyday. Frank is an avid engineer and has built a number of his own race cars through the years, as well as being behind the career of one of New Zealands best known racers, his son, and Chris’ brother, Paul Radisich.

Paul started his racing carer in New Zealand at 17, after a successful motorcross career representing New Zealand across the world. The two brothers teamed up in a Mazda 323 for both of their first race on the track, in the yearly Benson and Hedges Endurance race at the local Pukekohe Circuit just outside of Auckland in 1980. From there Paul’s professional racing career was launched, seeing him racing in Touring Cars, Formula Pacific, Formula Atlantic, ARS, Super Vee, Trans Am, Le Mans Sports Cars, Porsches, British Touring Cars and V8 Supercars in Australia.  Paul spent a number of years in the Works Ford team in the British Touring Car Championship, and during that time won back to back World Touring Car Championships.

Meanwhile Chris raced back in New Zealand occasionally, but was more involved behind the scenes, working to run the family motorsport team that always made sure Paul could come back to New Zealand over the summer months to race in the annual International Series. He was facinated with the technology behind racing, and particularly the computer telemetry systems, grasping an early understanding of these systems. In his work as a computer programmer he had the tools to add to and enhance these systems, and so developed a number of pieces of software to enhance the standard telemetry systems.

In 2001 Chris decided to leave New Zealand, and headed for Los Angeles, later moving across to the East Coast to Pennsylvania, and continues to follow all kinds of motorsport worldwide.

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  1. Chris, I have bought an old race car which I believe used to be owned by your father; an RX3. I was wondering if it would be possible to pass my email address to him if he could possibly assist with a couple of questions I had on it. Regards John

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