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Albers Sponsor not to Blame

Christian AlbersChristian Albers has lost his Formula One Spyker seat, and many reports have attributed this to one of his sponsors defaulting, but the sponsor has spoken up, and is denying that he is to blame.

Dutch businessman Joep van den Nieuwenhuyzen, who runs the Chinese property developing company Mingya, has denied that he had fallen behind in payments to the team of more than $4 million for Albers ride in the F1 car.

In recent reports van den Niewenhuyzen stated that he was not involved with either Albers, or Spyker F1 this year.

He said “For Albers, his company, or Spyker, I am not guilty by a single euro, dollar or gulden,”

Mingya did have a contract with the Midland F1 team for last season, but that there was no contract for the 2007 season. Reports have said that Mingya signs were still visible on the Spyker F1 Teams transporters at the recent British Grand Prix, which raises some questions. Usually when there is no relationship, there is no signage, but in F1 stranger thigns have happened.

Van den Niewenhuyzen was quoted as saying “It is not my fault but I do feel terrible for Christijan. I would not let this happen to him.”

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