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Another Option for Junior

Number 38 For Earnhardt Jr
Emerging form the garages at Bristol this weekend is the news that Dale Earnhardt Jr may not be running the #81 next year after all.

Rumor is that Robert Yates Racing has applied to NASCAR to allow the number #38 to be transfered across to Hendrick Motorsport.

The #38 was first used back in 1975 in NASCAR by Tom Williams, Walter Ballard, Grant Adcox and Jimmy Insolo for a total of 6 starts, and then did not see any regular racing until Robert Yates started using it for Elliot Sadler in 2003, having 55 starts between 1975 and 2002.

With so little important NASCAR history behind the #38 Junior can make it his own, and the number has the bonus of having both a 3 and an 8 included, the numbers identified with Junior and his father Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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