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Bush to drive Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota

tony-stewart-2008-ride.jpgNews on the street is that Kyle Busch will find a new home in the #18 car at Joe Gibbs racing, but not in a Chevrolet, in a Toyota.

Apparently Toyota has been courting several teams in an effort to secure some cars that will be in the top 35 in points and be guaranteed starts, so that they can push their development programs forward, instead of worrying about all of their teams having to qualify each week, and of course Joe Gibbs racing fits this bill perfectly, as does Penske racing or Ganassi racing.

As for Kyle Bush, it is rumored he will make the official announcement in the next week or so, after he has taken time to let all the teams he has been talking to know that he won’t be driving for them.

As part of this, the current driver of the #18, JJ Yealey will appear in the Wood Brothers #21 next year. Speculation is that Yealey has known for some time that his position is in question for next year, so he took the initiative in seeking out the #21 drive.

If Busch does join Gibbs racing it will make for some interesting internal politics at Gibbs next year. With some problems between Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin already this year, Joe Gibbe will have his hands full looking after Stewart, Hamlin and Busch.

Maybe Joe Gibbs could sell part of his team to Ron Dennis and they could put their heads together on keeping harmony in their respective teams.

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