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The Sound of Honda Senna Tribute

The Sound of Honda. Ayrton Senna Suzuka 1989

The Sound of Honda. Ayrton Senna Suzuka 1989

Honda have released the video below as a tribute to their favorite Formula One Son, Ayrton Senna. It’s been 19 years now since that fateful day in Imola, and we have witnessed many Formula One drivers come and go, and even the supreme reign of Michael Schumacher, his retirement, and then his second F1 career, but in all that time there has never been another Ayrton Senna. Yes, Michael would do anything to win, and yes Vettel seems cast from the same mold, but neither of them are Senna.

The tribute is unusual and unique. Sound technicians placed speakers all around the Suzuka track, along with identification lighting to mark the position of the car on the track, then when night fell, the sound of Ayrton’s spectacular  Suzuka lap was replayed in real time, sounding like he was once again taking that lap around Sukuka. Pretty amazing stuff, and a tribute only fit for a legend.

The first video is the actual lap, while the second one shows a lot about what went into making it all possible and the setup. Unfortunately the behind the scenes video is in Japanese only, but if you watch it the pictures tell the story, and there is even a rare look at the original telemetry printouts from Sennas lap that helped to re-create this amazing lap.


The Sound of Honda, a Ayrton Senna Tribute

The behind the scenes video

Ayrton Senna and the Honda NSX

Ayrton Senna and the Honda NSX

Ayrton Senna and the Honda NSX

We all know that Aryton Senna was involved in the creation of the Honda NSX, helping Honda to refine the car and make it one of the worlds true supercars of the time.

Watch the video below, taken at the press day for the unveiling of the all new NSX at the Suzuka F1 Circuit. As an added bonus they included a footwell cam, so you can see him working the pedals as well as the steering wheel. The sheer car control and commitment is incredible. It’s a road car, a a press day, yet you can clearly see him pushing the limits both into and out of the corners, and even on the limit braking. If you think he was taking it easy, watch his foot as it slams to the floor on the throttle, and watch the tacho!

Ayrton Senna Rally Driver

Way back in 1986 Ayrton Senna actually spent some time in the Welsh forests testing a range of Rally Cars. Who knows, he may have gone on to a rally career after his days in F1. His test day included a 4×4 Sierra, Escort Cosworth and MG Metro 4 wheel drive car.

Ayrton Senna Indycar Driver

In 1992 Ayrton Senna was contemplating what he would do for the next phase of his career, and as part of that process he ended up at Firebird Raceway in December 1992 testing a Penske Indycar, alongside Emmerson Fittipaldi.