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Lotus F1 Drivers go Camping

It’s F1 testing time again, and the guys at the Lotus Formula One Team decided to make this little video with Roman Grosjean and new boy Pastor Maldanardo. F1 drivers are usually not the best of actors, so no Oscar Nominations here, but it’s still quite a funny video, especially seeing a Formula One car towing a Caravan/Camper.

Rosberg Hamilton and Vettel

After a somewhat processional 2013 Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have traded blows in the media.

Talking about the opening laps of the race when he was stuck behind both Mercedes F1 Silver Arrows Vettel was quoted as saying:

You expect two silver arrows and there were two buses going for a cruise

After hearing that, Lewis struck out with his own pointed reply:

He has had the fastest car for the last four years, so it’s easy for him to say that. He’s got it easy

Never a dull moment in F1…

Monaco F1 2013 Rosberg Hamilton and Vettel

F1 Monaco 2013 Vettel complains about being held up by Rosberg and Hamilton


Coulthard Schumacher and Vettel Canada GP Interview

A lighthearted piece by commentator David Coulthard taking a golf cart lap of Canada with Michael Schumacher and meeting with with Sebastian Vettel out on the circuit.

It’s the Thursday before the race so everyone is quite relaxed during their track walking time where drivers and engineers take time out to walk (cycle, golf cart) around the track and inspect the track and each corner to refresh their memories about the track surface, and to see if anything like the curbing height or placement, or patches in the surface has changed from previous years.