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Courage 50 Years of McLaren

Courage - Bruce McLaren Tribute

Courage – Bruce McLaren Tribute

The McLaren Formula One Team is 50 years old, and to celebrate it they produced this great tribute video to Bruce McLaren and his legacy.

Life is not measured in years alone,
but in achievement

In only3 minutes it gives a great insight into the man that Bruce McLaren was, and clues as to why his legacy lives on so long after his death. The videos title “Courage” says it all.

Bruce started his team way back in 1963 and is credited with a number of innovations that are still used to this day on modern Formula One cars. He was one of the modern day pioneers of motorsport worldwide.

If Formula One Teams Had VW Buses

Formla One 2013 Team VW Buses

Formla One 2013 Team VW Buses

If you have ever wondered what a Formula One Teams VW Bus would look like if they had them, wonder no longer, as we have scoured the far corners of the internet and found a complete set of VW Buses all decked out in the 2013 Formula One car liveries.

Why Useful Pixels have created this I have no idea, apart from they must be huge VW and Formula One fans, but the graphics are pretty cool and the idea is certainly way out there. Just the kind of off the wall stuff we like to find and bring to you.

The Red Bull Energy Station

Coming back to Europe for the European Formula One season means it’s time for all of the Formula One teams to move their portable motorhomes/buildings from race to race.

Red Bull as you would expect have one of the biggest and trendiest motorhomes in the Formula One Paddock, aptly names the Red Bull Energy Station. Watch as Natalie Pinkham of Sky Sports in the UK takes a tour of this truly amazing structure.


Building the McLaren Brand Centre F1 Motorhome

The McLaren Brand Centre

The McLaren Brand Centre

It’s difficult to call the McLaren Formula One teams Brand Center a Motorhome, but that is what Formula One Motorhomes have evolved into.


This video shows the huge amount of work that goes into building the modern Formula One Motorhome.  Watch as the crew moves all the pieces into place and assembles the whole structure.


A Trip to The Marussia F1 Factory

A Visit to the Marussia F1 Factory

A Visit to the Marussia F1 Factory

Here in the United States we see very little of the fantastic coverage the British enjoy via Sky Sports, including factory visits and indepth interviews, unless we are lucky enough to find a stray feed online come Grand Prix time.

Check out the differences between the Marussia Formula One teams headquarters and those of the top teams like Ferrari and McLaren. It’s night and day,  the haves and the havenots…


Enjoy the video.


F1 Tire Differences Between 2012 and 2013

Differences between 2012 and 2013 F1 Tires

Differences between 2012 and 2013 F1 Tires

Peter Hewson, the head of tires for the Caterham Formula One team goes in depth to explain the differences between the 2012 and 2013 Formula One tires as supplied by Pirelli.

Just as the teams got used to the 2012 compounds and how they worked with their own cars, Pirelli went back to work and changed things up for 2013 in an attempt to keep the teams guessing and to try to keep the racing as exciting as possible.

I’m not sure about you, but for me all the messing around with tires has added a level of confusion to watching F1 races. You are never quite sure of where everyone is at with their tire strategy or wear. On one hand it keeps us guessing to see if things change late in the race, but at the same time drivers are moving up and down the leaderboard like crazy and it all gets difficult to keep track of.

Anyway, here is some great insight into the world of Formula One tires.

The Ferrari Motorhome Err Palace

The Ferrari Motorhome

The Ferrari Motorhome

A rare look behind the scenes at the 2010 Ferrari Motorhome that travels to the European rounds of F1 these days. Describing it as a motorhome really does it no justice, it’s more like a portable multi storey palace. Watch as Fernando Alonso himself takes us on a tour lasting over 6 minutes, moving form room to room explaining what the function of each on is. Unfortunately it is not in English, but will well worth a look as you can figure out most of what the rooms are for.

Watch as Fernando moves from the reception area, through to the cafe, peeks into the marketing offices, shows the various meeting rooms and engineers offices, a full kitchen where he runs into Massa, the drivers storage area, sponsor lounge/dining area, his own office/private area, Massas office/private area, team managers office, then finally up yet another level to more lounge areas complete with a fooseball tables. He ends outside on the balcony giving panaramic views out across the rest of the Formula One Paddock.

Truly an impressive home away form home with no expense or comfort spared. Even the decor is amazing with huge tv screens all around , and amazing Ferrari graphics and pictures all over the place.

Bruce McLaren Remuera Racer

Remuera is a suburb of Auckland City in New Zealand, where Bruce McLaren grew up and spent most of his life before heading overseas to race, so it’s a fitting name for a 60 minute tribute DVD put together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his death in 1970.

This spectacular video, highlighting Bruce’s life and his racing achievements is available at the Throughtout The Gears Website. Below is the trailer for the DVD.

Ross Brawn talks Telemetry

The telemetry systems on a Formula One car are an extremely important part of technology. The team observes what’s happening and advices the driver to make changes. Watch Ross Brawn and Nico Rosberg showing insights about telemetry in Formula One, and hear them describe how important these tools are in modern F1.

The Ferrari Formula One Pit

Join Diego Loverno from the Ferrari Formula One Team for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Ferrari Formula One garage at a test session. Although this is a test session the garage layout is the same as used in every Formula One race. Diego shows us all of the equipment that is needed to make the car run including the car side computers and the refueling rig.

He then takes us into the very seldom seen back of the pit garage showing us the various rooms and departments in the back of the garage including the spare parts and bodywork department, the engine and transmission department. He then moves across tot eh control center, where there are rows and rows of computer workstations housing the telemetry engineers, programmers, and a section for each of the department heads and engineers, along with all of the radio equipment for the whole team.

He then moves outside to the back of the garage, when the transporters that carry all of this equipment are parked, and shows us around inside, including a portable composites oven for making repairs to smaller carbon pieces. He then takes us into a very rarely seen transporter, a two level truck that has storage for parts and pieces for the mechanics on the bottom, but on top houses the main communication center, that is responsible for all inter team communications at the track, plus handles the communication back to home base at the Ferrari factory in Italy. The top level houses a number of meeting rooms where team debriefings are held, with direct video confrencing back to the Ferrari factory so that engineers back there can be involved in all aspects of the team discussions.

A really facinating insight into just what it takes to keep a modern F1 car on the track.