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Basic F1 Aerodynamics

Join Martin Brundle as he delves into the crucial elements of aerodynamics of a Formula One Car. He explains in great detail and demonstrates how the air flow changes around the front wing as adjustments are made to the wing. He also demonstrates the importance of the barge boards in controlling the airflow around the car.

A good solid look into modern aerodynamics on a Formula One Car, presented in an easy to understand way.

Ferrari 2010 F1 Steering Wheel Explained

The 2010 Ferrari Formula One Steering Wheel

The 2010 Ferrari Formula One Steering Wheel

Ferrari Engineer, Giuliano Salvi takes us on a fantastic in depth look at the 2010 Ferrari Formula One Steering Wheel from Massa’s car. In 2009 there was KERS, so for 2010 the steering wheel is a little less complicated, but then 2010 did have moving front wings which they could adjust 4 times per lap, so the driver still had a lot to do and control from the steering wheel.

2010 was also the first year of no more refuelling in F1, so there are controls dedicated to setting the fuel mix, as saving gas became very important, along with a number of buttons to control the torque delivery to the rear wheels, revs, differential setup and clutch setup. There is even a button to pump oil across into the main tank from a reserve tank.

Several buttons also help the driver to make a good start, by setting things like clutch bite and rev limits. Pretty amazing stuff. Interesting too that in Ferrari both drivers can make changes to their steering wheels in layout and function, depending on their needs, and their steering wheel functions and layout may change several times per season, even with different functions for different track.

A great insight to the world of Formula One Steering Wheels.

F1 Steering Wheel Functions by Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle gives an indepth explanation of how modern day Formula One drivers use all the functions of their current steering wheels leading up to and during the start launch in todays Formula One cars.

He talks us through the practice starts throughout the weekend, then talks us through each step as the driver approaches the grid on the formation laps, and stresses how important the clutch control is in a F1 start.

Mercedes Formula One Steering Wheels

A look back to the pre-war Mercedes Arrows and their steering wheels compared to todays hi-tech wheels as used by Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.

Nicro Rosberg gives some great insights into the steering wheel off his 2010 Formula One car, and gives a fascinating look at when all the different functions are used by the driver, including the functions to either try to recover malfunctioning systems on the car, or to disable them altogether when something goes wrong and stops working.

A Look at the 2010 Lotus Steering Wheel

James Allen takes an indepth look at the Team Lotus steering wheel as used in 2010. Lots and lots of features to control everything, and also a look at the controls that the driver must change even after making a pitstop to change onto tires for different conditions to keep all the onboard calculations correct.

Spark Plugs at 10000 RPM

Ever wondered what a spark plug spark looks like at 10,000 RPM. Well here it is. Watch as it is cycled through from 1000 to 10,000 RPM. An incredibly strong spark as it gets up in the rev range.

Formula One Refuelling

Although refuelling is once more banned from Formula One, this video gives a good insight into the proceses the teams must go through to carry out a refuelling pitstop.

It also gives a rare look behind the scenes introducing the engineers behind the scenes in the garage that are actually controlling the whole fuel stop. And all along you thought it was a simple process of hook up the pipe and the fuel flows into the car, ha, this is formula one, nothing is that simple!

Formula One Brake Systems

Join the Toyota Formula One Team as their engineer explains some fo the features of todays amazing carbon fibre braking systems on Formula One Cars.

Jenson Button McLaren Factory Tour

Shortly after Jenson Button joined McLaren he took the BBC reported Jake Humphries on a guided tour of the McLaren Technology Centre. Some good behind the scenes footage as they move around the various areas of the factory. Pity they would not allow filming in the simulator room.