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Teammate Battle – Jeff Gordon Vs Jimmie Johnson

Who is Stronger 24 Jeff Gordon or 48 Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have been teammates at Hendrick motorsport since Jimmie Johnson’s first race at the 2001 UAW-GM Quality 500, race number 29 of the 2001 season. This means they have raced each other 208 times.

If asked who is the more successful driver between the pair, most would jump in and say Jeff Gordon immediately, however the stats between the pair do not back that view up completely.

Of the 208 times they have raced together, Jeff Gordon has beaten Jimmie Johnson 98 times, while Jimmie Johnson has beaten Jeff Gordon 108 times.
Jimmie Johnson has won 27 times during those 208 races, while Jeff Gordon has won 21 times.
Jimmie Johnson has 78 top 5 finishes, while Jeff Gordon has 80.
Jimmie Johnson has 124 top 10 finishes, while Jeff Gordon has 118.
Jimmie Johnson has an average finish of 12.3 while Jeff Gordon has an average finish of 13.5
Jimmie Johnson has 1 Championship in 2006, Jeff Gordon has 1 Championship in 2001

Looking at the stats above it’s a win to Jimmie Johnson in every category except top 5 finishes, which means Jimmie Johnson is the stronger current teammate at Hendrick Motorsport, although of course you cannot overlook Jeff Gordons other championships, or the fact that he is leading this years standings so far, and is looking good for another championship this year.

Some Stats in the Race for 12th

The race for the all important 12th and final place in the Chase this year is boiling down to a race between Kurt Bush, who currently occupies 12th, followed by his teammate Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr, and in with a real outside chance Greg Biffle.

With Kurt Busch sitting in 12th we gathered some stats comparing him to those chasing him in all races where they have run together.

Kurt Busch vs Dale Earnhardt Jr after Watkins Glen 2007
They have raced against each other 242 times, starting with the 2000 MBNA 400, the 27th race in the 2000 season.
Of those 242 meetings Dale Earnhardt Jr has beaten Kurt Busch 137 times, and Kurt Busch has beaten Earnhardt Jr 105 times.
Kurt Busch has 16 wins, Dale Earnhardt Jr has 15 wins
Kurt Busch has 54 top 5 finishes while Dale Earnhardt Jr has 70
Kurt Busch has 97 top 10’s while Dale Earnhardt Jr has 110
Kurt Busch has an average finish of 17.6 while Dale Earnhardt Jr has an average finish of 15.6

Kurt Busch vs Ryan Newman after Watkins Glen 2007
They have raced against each other 208 times, starting with the 2000 Checker Auto Parts/Dura Lube 500, the 32nd race in the 2000 season.
Of those 208 meetings Kurt Busch has beaten Ryan Newman 112 times, and Ryan Newman has beaten Kurt Busch 96 times.
Kurt Busch has 16 wins, Ryan Newman has 12 wins
Kurt Busch has 52 top 5 finishes while Ryan Newman has 57
Kurt Busch has 93 top 10’s while Ryan Newman has 91
Kurt Busch has an average finish of 16.1 while Ryan Newman has an average finish of 16.9

Kurt Busch vs Greg Biffle after Watkins Glen 2007
They have raced against each other 170 times, starting with the 2002 NAPA Auto Parts 500, the 10th race in the 2002 season.
Of those 170 meetings Kurt Busch has beaten Greg Biffle 97 times, and Greg Biffle has beaten Kurt Busch 73 times.
Kurt Busch has 13 wins, Greg Biffle has 10 wins
Kurt Busch has 43 top 30 finishes while Greg Biffle has 57
Kurt Busch has 76 top 10’s while Greg Biffle has 54
Kurt Busch has an average finish of 16 while Greg Biffle has an average finish of18.3

Looking at the stats it looks like Kurt Busch has a pretty good case for holding on to the very valuable 12th place, but of course as we saw last year with Tony Stewart anything can happen when it comes to making the chase.

Who Does The Winning

As we know, not many NASCAR racers actually win. With only one winner per race there is only 36 times a year to add to your winning score. Since the dawn of NASCAR

We all know that in overall wins it’s the King, Richard Petty out front with an absolutely amazing 200 wins. I’m not going to say it will never be beaten, as one the great Fangio held a record that most agreed would never be broken, until of course one Michael Schumacher came along, so we can never say never.

At the halfway point of the 2007 season, looking at the all time wins there are only 5 current drivers in the top twenty, and of that only one, Jeff Gordon is in the top 10 (6th), so we can be safe to say that the King’s record will be safe for a little while.

If we were to assemble a NASCAR race with the top 43 winning drivers in history (of course it could never be done as a number have passed away) the field would be as follows, with only 11 active drivers as of 2007 : (*=active driver)

  1. Richard Petty – 200
  2. David Pearson – 105
  3. Bobby Allison – 85
  4. Darrell Waltrip – 84
  5. Cale Yarbourough – 83
  6. *Jeff Gordon – 79
  7. Dale Earnhardt Sr – 76
  8. Rusty Wallace – 55
  9. Lee Petty – 54
  10. Ned Jarrett – 50
  11. Junior Johnson – 50
  12. Herb Thomas – 48
  13. Buck Baker – 46
  14. *Bill Elliot – 44
  15. Tim Flock – 39
  16. Bobby Isaac – 37
  17. *Mark Martin – 35
  18. Fireball Roberts – 33
  19. *Dale Jarrett – 32
  20. *Tony Stewart – 29
  21. Rex White – 28
  22. *Jimmie Johnson – 27
  23. Fred Lorenzen – 26
  24. JimPaschal – 25
  25. Joe Weatherley – 25
  26. *Ricky Rudd – 23
  27. *Terry Labonte – 22
  28. *Bobby Labonte- 21
  29. Benny Parsons – 21
  30. Jack Smith – 21
  31. Speedy Thompson – 20
  32. Davey Allison – 19
  33. Buddy Baker – 19
  34. *Jeff Burton – 19
  35. Fonty Flock – 19
  36. Geoffrey Bodine – 18
  37. Neil Bonnett – 18
  38. Harry Gant – 18
  39. *Dale Earnhardt Jr – 17
  40. Marvin Panch – 17
  41. Curtis Turner – 17
  42. *Kurt Busch – 15
  43. Ernie Irvin – 15