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Expect Prodrive Announcements Soon

Prodrive is set to announce it’s 2008 plans for entering into Formula One for the first time. It is expected that David Richards will announce a link with the McLaren team, providing a mix of engines, parts, design and engineering help, and possibly even complete cars.

At this time the exact nature of the partnership is not known, but with Prodrive having their own composite technology department which currently does work for a number of F1 teams, possibly even including McLaren, the deal may not be for complete cars, but rather technology and engineering help to enable Prodrive to produce McLaren “clones”.

Structuring the partnership this way means that McLaren would not need to significantly ramp up it’s production capabilities in the very time specific Formula One manufacturing business, but would support Prodrive in their manufacturing efforts.

Mercedes are apparently able to  supply enough engines and other components to satisfy both teams, so engines and probably transmissions would not be an issue.

Word is we will hear some announcements soon on the direction that Prodrive will take under the new rules in 2008.

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