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I Drove Like A Wuss

"I drove like a wuss for those last 2 laps"

Not the usual winning comments from a driver who just won a race, but incredibly those were Denny Hamlin’s comments over the radio after he won the Cup race at Louden, New Hampshire on Sunday afternoon. Hamlin and Jeff Gordon were locked in battle for the last few laps, and Hamlin managed to hang on, despite a last lap bobble to win his first race since the second Pocono race last year. Hamlin had run well all day, but on a pitstop on lap 257 he took only 2 tires to jump into the lead, and then managed to stay out front through to the end of the race.

In the interim crew chief stakes it was interesting that all three teams with suspended crew chiefs, 24, 48 and 8 all finished in the top 5. Pretty amazing, and it really shows the depth within those teams, although if you read my previous post  Where is your Crew Chief  this would come as no surprise. We are possibly seeing what could be a change to the traditional role of the crew chief, after all if you relate this back to a real life war strategy, how many modern generals do we see at the front lines, hands on. Apart from morale visits, and visits to get a feel for the situation, the generals are all away from the battle overseeing the whole battlefield. A change is coming …

IN other news we are once again waiting for NASCAR to possibly hand down some more penalties, this time for cars being too low after the race. Both Jeff Green and Kyle Busch were found to be too low in post race tech, which seems to be one of the problems with running the very soft front springs that many teams are using these days. While this is not a specific "cheating" type offense directly related to the car of tomorrow as have been the last few offences by teams, it is one that has been penalized well in the past, so Tuesday will be interesting.


  1. No, bringing a car in a fraction of an inch to low for a post-race/qualifying inspection isn’t cheating.

    But what Kyle Busch did at the late model race in NH on Friday night is.


  2. You’re right, it isn’t cheating, but it seems NASCAR will penalize a crew member sneezing in post race tech if its a COT race.

    Interesting article, will be interesting to see if anything happens further down the line, but probably as is the case with most of these things, being in a so called “lower” series it will fade away quietly.

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