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Is Nico Rosberg Really For Sale

Is Nico Rosberg Really For SaleDespite strong noises being made by Sir Frank Williams that Nico Rosberg is not for sale, he may still be for sale.

Formula One teams have a long history of denying rumors and paying tricks to try and maximize every opportunity to make some money, and with the escalating costs of Formula One the independent teams are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and remain on the grid.

Williams have long held the belief that it is more about the car than the driver. Sir Frank Williams and Patrick Head have proved that over the years by refusing to renew contracts of stars that they thought were asking for too much money, and they also have a record of plucking young drivers out of obscurity and making them stars.

Nico Rosberg, although not really plucked form obscurity thanks to being the son of a former Williams Formula One World Champion, is still a new face to Formula One, and found Williams willing to give him an opportunity to prove his talents, while at the same time providing great value for money for Williams.

Word on the specifics of the deal between Williams and Toyota are not well known, but most are assuming that Williams is a “customer” of Toyota, and that somewhere along the line there are payments made from Williams to Toyota (probably way less than market value and confused with “technology transfer” deals) , but nevertheless payments must be made.

However much these payments are, Williams will always be looking for ways to offset the cost of engines, and now with the Jenson Button payments from Honda drying up that income must be replaced, and what better way to do that than to trade Nico Rosberg to another team for a large cash settlement, or even sell him to Toyota in return for engines, after all there are several good candidates with experience to fill Rosbergs position in the team.

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