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Kimi Raikkonen Monkey Business

Kimi Raikkonen the GorillaThere is always a lot of monkey business in Formula One, but it seems Kimi Raikkonen may be taking it to a whole new level.

There are reports emerging that Raikkonen recently took part in a powerboat race along with two of his friends in Hanko in Finland. Nothing unusual you might say about that, but they were apparently wearing Gorilla suits, and apparently won the prize for being the best dressed crew.

When Raikkonen was asked about the episode at the Hungarian Grand Prix he replied

“Yeah, but was it really me?” he replied. “You don’t know. “We’ve got the trophy already. It was just a boat race and we went for fun,” he added.

Raikkonen is no stranger to such stunts, earlier in the year, he won a snowmobile race in his homeland, nothing remarkable about that as he is a topline sportsman, however in true Raikkonen style he was entered under the name of James Hunt.

You have to admire Kimi’s unique sense of humor.

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