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Lewis Hamilton Overalls on Ebay

I’m not usually in the habit of posting about things that go bang on Ebay, but this time it seems to be something pretty unique, and with Lewismania sweeping the motorsport world, a signed pair of Lewis Hamilton overallsis something you might like to check out.

The auction has a lengthly blurb, and in the middle of that is the following:

This is a Lewis Hamilton worn Nomex suit – made by Sparco – with a Sparco McLaren installed Hamilton identifying serial number within it. (To prevent counterfeits you must email me here: ebay2@autosport.net to request specific photos of the identifying characteristics of this race suit. )


It was graciously signed, dated and donated to the Ayrton Senna Foundation by Lewis and his father, Anthony, at Monaco. It was purchased by me at the auction the next evening.

Having just spoken with Anthony Hamilton at Montreal, he has informed me that there is no other raced suit by Lewis available, that mine is the only one in private hands, and that it was for his own collection. Mr Hamilton donated his own suit to the Senna Foundation.

Looks like it is the genuine article, time of course will tell.

Happy Bidding!

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