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Lewis Hamilton Seeks Pay Rise

Ahead of the British Grand Prix this weekend, it has been reported that Lewis Hamilton is asking the McLaren team for a pay rise. Lewis came into Formula One this year as a rookie and signed for McLaren with a salary believed to be around $300,000, with bonuses for each points that he scores in the World Championship, which to date is 64 points, a huge haul for a rookie driver.

According to the sources, however, there could be a clause in his contract with McLaren that allows for renegotiation of the amount he is paid if he happened to be leading the Championship at the halfway point of the season, which, given his 14 point lead over teammate Alonso after 8 of the 17 races is assured.. Such a clause is possible as Lewis was not expected to be doing as well as he is. A clause like this might have been allowed because it would have seemed something that had almost no chance of happening.

Of course these stories should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s not the first time strange, but interesting stories have been "leaked" or "broken" (you choose which) in Spain, and could just be designed to try to upset the McLaren team right before their "home" grand prix this weekend. Whatever is going on, you cna bet there is no smoke without some fire somewhere, and if it is true, could we see Lewis Hamilton sitting out the British Grand Prix, or being stood down by McLaren because of a pay dispute, somehow I don’t think so….

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