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Maybe We’ll See More Of Junior

During the Busch tv coverage this weekend, there was an interesting short interview with his Jr Motorsports Crew Chief, in which he made mention that Junior is not allowed to run more than three Busch Series Races in a year.

This apparently is part of his Budweiser contract, and accounts for the very low number of times we have seen Dale Earnhardt Jr appear in the Busch series over the last few years.

Junior is a racer through and through, so it always puzzled me as to why he did so few Busch races, while other drivers are combining full Cup and Busch schedules, and this lets us know why.

On the surface everything has always looked great with Bud and Junior, but maybe, just maybe, the guy who prides himself on being his own man might just be fed up with being too restricted. In Budweisers defence, they are paying a huge amount for Junior, and I am sure after his great fire in the Corvette at Sonoma a few years ago, they are nervous about him running any other cars, but at the same time Junior is a racer and I am sure he wants to do more racing, which we will probably see once he moves across to Hendrick Motorsport for 2008.

Hopefully we will see more of Junior next year in the Busch series. Watch this space, and let me know what you think about this.

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