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McLaren Tries to Keep the Peace

Ron Dennis and the McLaren team are no strangers to inter team rivalry and all the problems associated with it, after all go back to the Prost/Lauda days and the Prost/Senna days and you will see some of the most headstrong Formula One drivers ever in the same camp.

Recent talk in the media is that Alonso feels that the team is favoring homeboy Lewis Hamilton (after all he has been with McLaren since he was 14 years old!). Whether this is really true, or just a media storm we probably will never know, but after a little time has passed it seems more and more likely to be media hype, rather than the strict truth, but of course where there is smoke there is fire ….

Getting back onto the subject at hand, McLaren has moved to remove any speculation that they are favoring one driver in the garage over another and recently their Engineering Director, Paddy Lowe explained:

"Within 30 seconds of either car coming to rest in a practice session, its driver has his own data sheet, showing every engineering parameter available, and an overlay from his team-mate’s car. They debrief at the same table, with engineers and strategists from both sides of the garage. Concealing information is impossible. "

This does mean that McLaren are doing everything in their power to make sure that both drivers are being looked after equally, and that there is a level playing field inside the team. At the end of the day McLaren as a team I am sure do not care which driver wins the races, so long as they finish 1 and 2, and McLaren win the Constructors Championship , which at the end of the day is the Championship Ron Dennis has always said means the most to him.

If you look at the drivers, Alonso is a two time World Champion, while Hamilton is in his first season. No matter what, Alonso commands the respect inside the team of being a two time World Champion, and Hamilton only in his first season has plenty of years to win championships, so there is no real reason for McLaren to favor one driver over another, absolutely none in the world.

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