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Penske Racing Team 40 Years of Excellence

From its modest beginnings behind a Philadelphia-area watchmaker’s shop some 40 years ago, the Penske Racing Team, more than any other organization, has influenced the development, growth and direction of auto racing in the United States as both a sport and a business.

Led by former race driver turned “Fortune 500” business mogul Roger Penske, this team has won more than 250 major auto races around the world, captured 19 national championships (including 12 Indy-Car titles), and have enjoyed success in all forms of racing—Indy-Cars, sports cars, Formula-1, endurance racing and NASCAR. Penske Racing Team…

40 Years of Excellence documents the fascinating history of this unique organization, focusing on the talented drivers and innovative engineering that have been responsible for the team’s spectacular and enduring success. It also highlights the key events that have defined American motorsports during this timeframe; including the rise and fall of U.S. sports car racing in the 1960s and 1970s; the politics of the USAC-CART split in the late 1970s; the CART-IRL battle that unfolded 20 years later; and the phenomenal transformation of NASCAR from its moonshine roots into the mainstream commercial phenomenon that it is today.

Overall a great read, giving an insight into the world of motorsport over the decades, through the eyes of one of the longest lived and best teams in auto racing.

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