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Pitstop of the Year

There have been some strange incidents during pitstops in Formula One over the last few years, but this weekends stop for Christian Albers on lap 28 of the French Grand Prix is probably one of the strangest ever.

The team members were all lucky to escape injury when Albers left the pit stall early, while the refuelling hose was still attached. During the race you could clearly see Albers leaving the pit box before the "lollipop" sign was lifted to let him know it was ok to leave, and as no problem with the car was confirmed, we can only assume it was a complete driver error, and another blot on the copybook of an under fire Christian Albers.

Fortunately there was no fire, and Albers only got to the end of pitlane before the flailing hose wrapped itself around his car and it ground to a halt. He was fined $6,800.00 for his efforts by the FIA.

The European press also had a field day with this one with comments like: "The idiot from Holland" (Bild form Germany). Englands The Sun newspaper labeled the incident a "Calamity cock-up" and Englands Daily Telegraph called Albers "Woeful"

Relive the strange, but actually quite funny (now that we know no-one was harmed in the making of this video) incident below.

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