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Pope Saves Formula One Racer

During the Canadian Grand Prix two weeks ago, Polish Formula One driver Robert Kubica had a horrific crash, slamming a concrete barrier at very high speed. Kubica was taken to hospital, but miraculously he was released a day later with only bruises to show for the huge high speed crash.

This week he denied that he owes his life to the miraculous powers of the late Pope, John Paul II. Kubica hails from Krakow, the late pontiff’s home city, and has raced for years with John Paul’s name inscribed on his crash helmet.

The Polish local PAP news agency reported earlier that Kubica’s survival after slamming into a wall during this month’s Canadian Grand Prix could serve as evidence of a miracle in the Catholic Church’s beatification process of John Paul. The report quoted a local Church source.

Kubica said "I know nothing about this" after being passed fit to race again on Sunday at this weekends French Grand Prix. "In Poland there are many things that are reported that are not true. "I don’t know by whom I was saved, I don’t know if I was saved by someone. I’m here in one piece so I think that is very positive," he added.

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