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Qualifying Controversy In Hungry

Alonso Hamilton WarsFernando Alonso took pole position for tomorrows Hungarian Grand Prix from teammate Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren lockout of the front row was not without it’s controversy.

On the last pitstop of qualifying three Alonso pitted before Hamilton, and was still being serviced in the pit box when Hamilton arrived for his stop. Alonso’s stop appeared to be a regular stop, however once the lollipop sign was lifted Alonso sat for a number of seconds before finally taking off, vacating the pit for Hamilton to get his stop in.

Alonso then set the pole time, whereas the delay in the pits meant Hamilton was 4 seconds short of making the crucial addition lap of qualifying, and so was denied a shot at taking pole position from his teammate Alonso.

At this point it is not known why Alonso did not leave the pit once the stop was completed, and whether it was something done by Alonso on purpose to upset Hamilton, or whether it was a miscue by the team trying to get Alonso back out into a spot on the track clear of traffic.

McLaren have been summoned by the FIA Stewards to explain what happened, and at the center of the inquiry will be the teams radio transmissions to and from Alonso while he was sitting in the pit for the extended time.

This may have been as simple as a team miscue, but with relations between Alonso and Hamilton reported as being frosty at best, there is speculation that there could be more to this.

Stand by for more.

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