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Robert Yates a Forward Thinker and Innovater

After reporting a possible merger was in the wind for Robert Yates racing yesterday, today Robert Yates revealed something a little different at a press conference at Indianapolis.

It turns out that Robert Yates has formed a technical partnership with Newman Haas Lanigan racing, who race in the Champcar series.

The new company is called Yates-Newman-Haas-Lanigan Racing, and it’s purpose will be to develop and supply technology to the Robert Yates NASCAR teams. This now ends any speculation that Robert Yates will be selling his team, or even taking on an outside business partner, he will remain firmly in control of his teams, but will benefit from some outside of NASCAR thinking and also has the opportunity to apply some outside of NASCAR technology to his teams.

“We were looking for people who could help us race better,” Yates said. “There are a lot of people out there who [think] NASCAR’s very attractive, but we wanted someone who could help us race better and it’s not just cubic dollars that helps us race better.

“We have more responsibility to these guys because they want trophies and wins rather than somebody who gives us a lot of money. Again, this is about people who want us for the right reasons. The financial side usually takes care of itself when you run good.”

With the introduction of the Car of Tomorrow this year, and the fact that it will go fulltime in 2008 Yates feels this is his best move.

“The Car of Tomorrow coming into NASCAR is really perfect timing for our partnership … because they come from a world of splitters and wings,” co-owner Doug Yates said. “We feel like NASCAR has put a closer tolerance on the bodies, so now you can engineer the car and get some results that may make some sense.

“Their world is engineering, our world has been NASCAR and together we hope that we can take this company, blending the old and the new, to a new level.”

Again our old friend or enemy time will tell, but this could be a masterstroke by forward thinking Yates, and might just get him access to a fresh group of engineers who can step back and look more from an overall perspective than engineers inside NASCAR. Look for some fresh ideas and engineering on the Yates cars in the future.

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