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McLaren F1 Steering Wheel History

Lewis Hamilton shows the evolution of the McLaren Steering Wheel

Lewis Hamilton shows the evolution of the McLaren Steering Wheel

Yet another great video about Formula One Steering Wheels, from back in the day when Lewis Hamilton was still a loyal McLaren driver.

Follow along as Lewis shows the evolution of the McLaren Formula One Steering wheel, from way back in the day with a steering wheel from John Watson’s McLaren with no buttons on it at all, through the Ayrton Senna steering wheels with a couple of buttons, to Mika Hakkinen’s steering wheel where we saw more evolution through to the wheel on Lewis Hamiltons 2010 McLaren.

A fascinating history clearly showing not only the evolution of electronics and the associated buttons to adjust everything, but also the materials the steering wheels are made of and their coverings, from shiny hard leather to more grippy materials like suede.


Nico and Lewis Talk Mercedes 2013 Steering Wheels

A cool insight into the technology of the 2013 Formula One Steering wheel, by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Between them they explain the main functions of the 2013 Mercedes Formula One Steering Wheel. If you watch this video, take the time to check out some of our previous steering wheel videos in the Formula One Steering Wheel category to see the evolution of the wheel as electronics gained momentum and took over so many aspects of the modern Formula One cars.

David Coulthard Explains Formula One Start Procedures

Watch as David Coulthard describes the procedures the drivers must go through in a Formula One car using the steering wheel before a race start. he dives into the significance of the clutch settings and how that can make or break a modern day formula one race start.

Adrian Sutil Explains Force Indias 2011 Steering Wheel

Will Buxton joins Adrian Sutil for a good look at all the functions of the 2011 Force India Formula One Car Steering Wheel.

Adrian explains what he uses all the different switches and modes for, and goes into great detail about how, why and when he uses all the different features. Highlights include a look at the Kers system control, and the engine mapping control where he explains when he uses the various engine maps available to him.

An interesting thing I have not seen on other cars (but I am sure they are doing it) is the pit in switch. Instead of having to waste time talking to the pits to let them know he is coming in, he just pushes the pit in button and they know he is arriving at the pit soon.

2011 Mercedes GP F1 Steering Wheel

Another great look at the steering wheel from Nico Rosberg’s 2011 Mercedes Formula One Car. Longtime F1 Engineer Jock Clear features in this video, explaining many of the functions that make up the modern F1 steering wheel.

Everything down to the grips on each side of the wheel are highly customized for each driver, and the aim is to make sure their hands do not ever have to leave the wheel, so they can concentrate on driving while making the multitude of changes that must be made via the steering wheel each lap.

Lewis Hamilton Reviews McLaren F1 Steering Wheels

Over the years the Froemula One Steering Wheel has evolved. From the very basic no frills wheel used for so many years, through to today’s amazing, technology packed steering wheels.

In this video, Lewis Hamilton takes a walk through McLaren history, comparing the steering wheels that many of his McLaren Formula One predecessors used, to the one he uses today. A great look at how technology has changed F1 over the years.

F1 Steering Wheel Functions by Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle gives an indepth explanation of how modern day Formula One drivers use all the functions of their current steering wheels leading up to and during the start launch in todays Formula One cars.

He talks us through the practice starts throughout the weekend, then talks us through each step as the driver approaches the grid on the formation laps, and stresses how important the clutch control is in a F1 start.

Mercedes Formula One Steering Wheels

A look back to the pre-war Mercedes Arrows and their steering wheels compared to todays hi-tech wheels as used by Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.

Nicro Rosberg gives some great insights into the steering wheel off his 2010 Formula One car, and gives a fascinating look at when all the different functions are used by the driver, including the functions to either try to recover malfunctioning systems on the car, or to disable them altogether when something goes wrong and stops working.