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Martin Brundle Drives Murray Walker Around Silverstone

Martin Brundle takes Murray Walker for a ride around SIlverstone in the McLaren 2 seat Formula One Car

Martin Brundle takes Murray Walker for a ride around SIlverstone in the McLaren 2 seat Formula One Car

Formula One viewers from around the world are familiar with Martin Brundle, former Tyrrell, Zakspeed, Williams, Brabham, Benetton, Ligier, McLaren and Jordan Formula One driver between 1984 and 1996, and then F1 commentator for the BBC and now Sky Sports in the UK form 1997 through to the current season.

Martin for a good part of his BBC commentating career was paired with longtime British Formula One Commentating legend Murray Walker. For those not familiar with Murray, here is his bio. Affectionately known as “Muddly Talker” Murray is famous for his commentating gaffs and mixups, but is also one of the foremost Formula One authorities around.

Back in 1998 the opportunity arose for Martin to take Murray for a ride in the McLaren Two Seat Formula One ride car so Murray could experience a F1 car at speed for himself.

McLaren built the two seater in 1998 as a way for VIP’s and non F1 drivers to experience a F1 car for real at speed. It was designed and built by McLaren cars, designated the MP4-98T by a team led by Barry Lett, with obviously a lot of help from the F1 team. The car was a huge success, offering an unparalled experience for the passenger who although sitting up higher than and behind the driver could still see the road ahead. The car had in excess of 700 brake horsepower and was powered by the same engine as the 1998 McLaren F1 race cars, and significantly it’s power to weight ratio and handling was very similar to the single seat F1 cars, achieved by essentially replacing the big fuel tank of the race cars with the passenger cockpit, and only carrying enough fuel for a few laps.

Enjoy the video, it’s a classic bit of F1 history where two commentators talk you around the laps live form the cockpit.

Formula One Wheel Nuts

Martin Brundle takes an indepth and upclose look at wheelnuts in Formula One. Not the most riveting of subjects, but as with everything in formula one the teams look for every little advantage in every area they can find, and of course if you wheelnut solution is not perfect you may just lose a wheel.

Basic F1 Aerodynamics

Join Martin Brundle as he delves into the crucial elements of aerodynamics of a Formula One Car. He explains in great detail and demonstrates how the air flow changes around the front wing as adjustments are made to the wing. He also demonstrates the importance of the barge boards in controlling the airflow around the car.

A good solid look into modern aerodynamics on a Formula One Car, presented in an easy to understand way.

F1 Steering Wheel Functions by Martin Brundle

Martin Brundle gives an indepth explanation of how modern day Formula One drivers use all the functions of their current steering wheels leading up to and during the start launch in todays Formula One cars.

He talks us through the practice starts throughout the weekend, then talks us through each step as the driver approaches the grid on the formation laps, and stresses how important the clutch control is in a F1 start.