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Rosberg Hamilton and Vettel

After a somewhat processional 2013 Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton have traded blows in the media.

Talking about the opening laps of the race when he was stuck behind both Mercedes F1 Silver Arrows Vettel was quoted as saying:

You expect two silver arrows and there were two buses going for a cruise

After hearing that, Lewis struck out with his own pointed reply:

He has had the fastest car for the last four years, so it’s easy for him to say that. He’s got it easy

Never a dull moment in F1…

Monaco F1 2013 Rosberg Hamilton and Vettel

F1 Monaco 2013 Vettel complains about being held up by Rosberg and Hamilton


Nico and Lewis Talk Mercedes 2013 Steering Wheels

A cool insight into the technology of the 2013 Formula One Steering wheel, by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Between them they explain the main functions of the 2013 Mercedes Formula One Steering Wheel. If you watch this video, take the time to check out some of our previous steering wheel videos in the Formula One Steering Wheel category to see the evolution of the wheel as electronics gained momentum and took over so many aspects of the modern Formula One cars.

Mercedes Formula One Steering Wheels

A look back to the pre-war Mercedes Arrows and their steering wheels compared to todays hi-tech wheels as used by Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher.

Nicro Rosberg gives some great insights into the steering wheel off his 2010 Formula One car, and gives a fascinating look at when all the different functions are used by the driver, including the functions to either try to recover malfunctioning systems on the car, or to disable them altogether when something goes wrong and stops working.