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If Formula One Teams Had VW Buses

Formla One 2013 Team VW Buses

Formla One 2013 Team VW Buses

If you have ever wondered what a Formula One Teams VW Bus would look like if they had them, wonder no longer, as we have scoured the far corners of the internet and found a complete set of VW Buses all decked out in the 2013 Formula One car liveries.

Why Useful Pixels have created this I have no idea, apart from they must be huge VW and Formula One fans, but the graphics are pretty cool and the idea is certainly way out there. Just the kind of off the wall stuff we like to find and bring to you.

The Red Bull Energy Station

Coming back to Europe for the European Formula One season means it’s time for all of the Formula One teams to move their portable motorhomes/buildings from race to race.

Red Bull as you would expect have one of the biggest and trendiest motorhomes in the Formula One Paddock, aptly names the Red Bull Energy Station. Watch as Natalie Pinkham of Sky Sports in the UK takes a tour of this truly amazing structure.