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Teammate Battle – Jeff Gordon Vs Jimmie Johnson

Who is Stronger 24 Jeff Gordon or 48 Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon have been teammates at Hendrick motorsport since Jimmie Johnson’s first race at the 2001 UAW-GM Quality 500, race number 29 of the 2001 season. This means they have raced each other 208 times.

If asked who is the more successful driver between the pair, most would jump in and say Jeff Gordon immediately, however the stats between the pair do not back that view up completely.

Of the 208 times they have raced together, Jeff Gordon has beaten Jimmie Johnson 98 times, while Jimmie Johnson has beaten Jeff Gordon 108 times.
Jimmie Johnson has won 27 times during those 208 races, while Jeff Gordon has won 21 times.
Jimmie Johnson has 78 top 5 finishes, while Jeff Gordon has 80.
Jimmie Johnson has 124 top 10 finishes, while Jeff Gordon has 118.
Jimmie Johnson has an average finish of 12.3 while Jeff Gordon has an average finish of 13.5
Jimmie Johnson has 1 Championship in 2006, Jeff Gordon has 1 Championship in 2001

Looking at the stats above it’s a win to Jimmie Johnson in every category except top 5 finishes, which means Jimmie Johnson is the stronger current teammate at Hendrick Motorsport, although of course you cannot overlook Jeff Gordons other championships, or the fact that he is leading this years standings so far, and is looking good for another championship this year.

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