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Teammate Wars

After the Pepsi 400 at Daytona on Saturday Night, Kyle Busch was pretty vocal during the interviews telling anyone who was listening that he felt that his teammates were purposely ignoring him on the track, and not working with him at all.

Of course no-one will ever know if this is true, except those directly involved. There there are so many factors that come into the split decision a driver makes when deciding who to draft with and who not to draft with. In this case the other three Hendrick cars did manage to connect and work together, but it seemed to be more something that just happened, and at that time Busch was busy drafting with his brother Kurt on the bottom, while the other three Hendrick cars seemed to be working up top.

Even though Kyle Busch is leaving the Hendrick organization at the end of the year it makes no sense as a team to exclude him at this point, after all at the end of the day Kyle is driving a car capable of making the chase, and no matter who is driving that car next year, Hendricks as an organization benefits, so I am sure Rick Hendrick will have something to say internally if this is in fact true, as the higher all his cars can finish in the championship that better.

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