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The Ferrari Formula One Pit

Join Diego Loverno from the Ferrari Formula One Team for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Ferrari Formula One garage at a test session. Although this is a test session the garage layout is the same as used in every Formula One race. Diego shows us all of the equipment that is needed to make the car run including the car side computers and the refueling rig.

He then takes us into the very seldom seen back of the pit garage showing us the various rooms and departments in the back of the garage including the spare parts and bodywork department, the engine and transmission department. He then moves across tot eh control center, where there are rows and rows of computer workstations housing the telemetry engineers, programmers, and a section for each of the department heads and engineers, along with all of the radio equipment for the whole team.

He then moves outside to the back of the garage, when the transporters that carry all of this equipment are parked, and shows us around inside, including a portable composites oven for making repairs to smaller carbon pieces. He then takes us into a very rarely seen transporter, a two level truck that has storage for parts and pieces for the mechanics on the bottom, but on top houses the main communication center, that is responsible for all inter team communications at the track, plus handles the communication back to home base at the Ferrari factory in Italy. The top level houses a number of meeting rooms where team debriefings are held, with direct video confrencing back to the Ferrari factory so that engineers back there can be involved in all aspects of the team discussions.

A really facinating insight into just what it takes to keep a modern F1 car on the track.

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