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The Speedcar Series is Coming

For those that have not seen it as yet, a new series is launching later this year. It is called Speedcar, and pitches various drivers against each other in supposedly equal equipment. The unique thing about this series is the cars they will be using are NASCAR style cars. Although no specifics are given on their website, they are NASCAR derived. With 680bhp V8’s there is plenty of power and torque to satisfy he most demanding driver.

The series is aiming to stay reasonably low tech, with few if any driver aids, which means the model should be sustainable, as the costs should be contained, unlike some more high tech series that have been dreamed up over the last few years.

So far 5 drivers have signed on board, Jean Alesi, Johnny Herbert, Narian Karthikeyan, Gianni Morbidelli and Stefan Johansson. The aim is to try to have as many ex Formula One drivers as possible in the field, so it will be interesting to see some how many of the well known names of yesteryear sign on. The series is aiming to have 24 drivers on the grid, with 18 of those cars run by independent teams, and the other 6 cars run by the series organizers. The drivers will all be competing for the year end first prize of $600,000, which was announced recently.

The first independent team to sign up is GPC Squadra Corse from Italy. Giampaolo Coppi, team boss of GPC will run cars 20 and 21, and should have driver announcements soon  "I strongly believe this new series will deliver a great show, and will attract a great amount of commercial interest as it is based in Asia and the Middle East. "

Right now the only confirmed round of the series is in Dubai on November 10th 2007, but it is stated that the series is going to run at a number of venues around Asia and the Middle East, and could even be combined with the newly announced GP2 Asia series at some rounds.

Whatever happens, if it does get off the ground, which it looks like it will, it should be an interesting series to follow, and who knows, after their experiences in this series we might just get to see a few of those drivers in NASCAR.

For more information visit the Speedcar Series website, and check back here as we will be updating this series as announcements are made.

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