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Ukyo Katayama in Speedcar Series

Ukyo Katayama has confirmed he will take the Speedcar Series challenge later this year when he enters in the inaugural Grand Racing event. The Japanese star is the latest ex-Formula One driver to announce he will battle for the championship’s 600,000 US dollars first prize.

“I am delighted to be confirmed as the first driver from the Far East to be taking part in the Speedcar Series. It is especially nice for me, as I am confident the series will visit Japan at some stage during the championship! This will be another great challenge for me, after taking part in Formula One, the Le Mans 24 Hours, and by climbing some of the world’s toughest mountains.” said Katayama.

“My initial impressions of the car are very good, the engine is very powerful and makes a great sound. They will provide a very different kind of competition for myself and all the other drivers, we will all be coming from quite a level playing field in terms of experience, and that will make things very exciting for the fans, whom I am sure will love the exciting racing.”

Benoit Lamonerie, General Manager of Speedcar Series, added: “With an increasing interest from high profiled drivers, I am confident of a good racing season to commence in November.”

So far the only confirmed Speedcar Series race is at Dubai on November 17th, but with Katayama’s remarks above, it looks like there should be at least one  round in Japan.

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