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Will ALonso Leave McLaren

After an interview on the weekend where Fernando Alonso skirted the questions about whether he would see out his multi-year  McLaren contract, speculation is rife that he may try to leave McLaren at the end of the year.

Something that has to  be remembered with this news is that nothing has been confirmed, and comments were made this last weekend by all the main players in the respective controversies in the heat of the moment.

Every driver dreams of having a shot at the World Championship. Alonso at age 26 already has 2 championships, but even he must realize that the best driver is useless without the best, or at least a competitive car, and if he has forgotten about this then he needs to think back to his backmarker days at Minardi, when the blue flags were been waved at him in almost every race.

Hamilton for his part needs to also go through a reality check. He is the new guy on the block, alongside a 2 time world champion. He needs to not overestimate his own contributions to getting the cars set up and at the front of the field. I dare say, a Hamilton led McLaren team this year would not be as dominant as they have been, as I am sure it was the signing of the double world champion that added the extra motivation for the team to take that extra step, not the possible signing of journeyman del a Rosa, or rookie Hamilton.

For his part in the weekends nonsense I will give Hamilton his dues, in that he said that he thought that Alonso was punishing him for not sticking to the team plan, and that as far as he was concerned the whole thing was over, whereas apparently Alonso has not spoken to Hamilton since Saturday, but as the rookie Hamilton should have stuck to the original plan, after all it was a team plan, not just something cooked up between the drivers.

For McLarens part, they have stuck to their guns, providing equal treatment to their drivers, and they must be applauded for this. Alonso and Hamilton only need to look at the history books to see that this is what McLaren does, after all it is nothing new to see McLaren drivers feuding and screwing each over to get an advantage, just remember back to Prost/Lauda or Prost/Senna. Ron Dennis has come out sand said that his feud is now worse than the Senna/Prost wars, but seriously I doubt it. Years have passed since those titanic battles, and I am sure a much younger Ron Dennis had just just as much trouble brokering peace between the strong egos of Prost and Senna as he will have between Alonso and Hamilton.

Whatever happens Alonso and Hamilton need to wake up, after all, as Hamilton has proven this year, there are any number of drivers who could do a good a job in this very very good McLaren car. Names like Vettel (although he is signed and has a contract, money does talk), Rosberg, Sutil, Heidfeld, Kubica, Webber, Davidson, Piquet Jr, Button, Klien or even Ralf Schumacher would probably jump at the chance to be in a McLaren right now.

I think after the August break by the Turkish Grand Prix Ron Dennis would have worked out a solution, and harmony will break out at McLaren, otherwise someone may find themselves out looking for work, and odds on it won’t be Hamilton, if nothing else because of their investment in him, and if this is the case we may see some shuffling around of drivers, and against all odds maybe the McLaren cockpit might just have the name Schumacher or Hakkinen on it.

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